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Introducing the solid steel WindowGuard, contoured to
Virtually every deer guard is mounted directly on the vehicle
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frame offering better vehicle protection versus other types of brush guard & push guard models which are mounted to the vehicles front bumper.
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What happens when you
hit a deer at 60 MPH and
your vehicle is not protected
Center Section is mounted in the center of your
vehicle with extra padding used for pushing
vehicles without damage to either vehicles or the deer guard. This deer guard also allows siren mounting to the front of the vehicles to help avoid loud siren noise inside the vehicle.
with the Guardian Deer Guard?
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How can I get a quote for my vehicle?
Full Guard gives you the added safety of wings that extend out to offer frontal headlamp protection. This deer guard also has all the features and reliability of our Center Section.
How does the Guardian deer guard affect manufacturer installed airbags?
What's different about the deer guard vs. other brush & bumper & push guard models?
What most brush guard and push guard manufacturers don't want you to know!
If I start with the Center Section, can the deer guard be modified to add additional crash protection features later?
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